Your Menu is On Point! - Now is your packaging environmentally responsible?

Your Menu is On Point! - Now is your packaging environmentally responsible?

The clean eating movement has been around for a while now, and has definitely established itself beyond just a 'trend' it is a fully fledged lifestyle. You are what you eat, after all.

That's why it is important to extend the same mindset applied to what we put in our bodies, to every other aspect of our food eating experience.

From farm to table, we are more conscious about where our food comes from than ever! But what about packaging?

Whether you run a takeaway store, a food truck, or an inner-city café if you're serving healthy food your packaging should be just as healthy as the food inside.

Food providers have an obligation, not just to their customers, but to the planet, that their business is not harming the environment. Packaging should be responsible and sustainable plastic containers hang around forever.

Some plastics can take up to 1000 years to decompose in a landfill and for those of us operating take-away joints and food trucks on a busy night the amount of packaging you go through is monumental.

In addition, you don't want nasty micro-plastics leeching into your healthy foods. Because sugarcane takeaway containers are made 100% from natural materials your customers will be thanking you for ensuring the food stays at the highest quality possible,  once it leaves in their hands.

Best of all the products even look fantastic and there are more options than you could dream of.

Brisbane Cup Supplies range of window lunch boxes are perfect for colourful, nourishing salads, and the sushi trays are the freshest and most environmentally friendly way to eat the Japanese delicacy on the go.

You can even make pizza healthy by using our recycled, high quality and sturdy kraft pizza boxes, made out of sustainably sourced, unbleached paper. There's never been a better time to eat pizza. So do your stomach and the planet a favour!

By switching to bio-degradable and eco-friendly packaging like bamboo and sugarcane you can make a positive contribution to the planet. Some foods need packaging this is unavoidable. But it is possible to minimise the harm done to the environment whilst serving healthy food in responsible packaging that your customers will absolutely love and come back for.