SOS Extra Extra Large Bag Brown 80gsm 355x165x540

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Size: Carton of 100
An extra extra large takeaway bag to help handle those massive orders. Made with thicker paper for increased protection from ripping and tearing, have confidence your food will reach customers safe and sound.Strong and easy to carry, our SOS bags are a perfect alternative to plastic as a checkout or produce bag! Provide your customers with an eco-friendly bag the next time they shop.Self-opening satchel (SOS) Takeaway Paper Bags provide a stronger and sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. Produced entirely from renewable resources, our SOS Bags are fully compostable for both home and business.Requiring no assembly and flat packed so they take up minimal space, a gusseted (reinforced) base provides increased durability and support for larger, heavier items.Simply rolling over the top of the bag provides a sturdy, tear resistant point of carry, making SOS Takeaway Paper Bags ideal for any situation.