230ml / 6oz (80mm) Kraft Green Stripe Single Wall BioCup


Available in cartons of 1000 or packs of 50 our paper eco cups are sustainably sourced from managed plantations with a bioplastic lining made from plants not oil. This cup fits our small lids. This cup is printed kraft-look.


    *         Brim full capacity: 6oz (233ml)
    *         Diameter top: 80mm
    *         Product dimensions: 80 x 80 x 78mm
    *         Paper weight: 263gsm
    *         Pieces per carton: 1000
    *         Pieces per sleeve: 50
    *         Carton dimensions: 41 x 34 x 46cm
    *         Carton total weight: 8.5kg
    *         Manufactured: Taiwan