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Compost Connect can help you cut the rubbish. They are  a nonprofit that connects businesses to compost pickup services.

Composting certifications matter because they allow consumers to make informed decisions and dispose of packaging responsibly. They reassure consumers that when properly disposed of, the packaging will effectively breakdown as intended, in the conditions specified (home or industrial compost), without harm to the environment.

Greenwashing can trick people into acting unsustainably by misleading them. ‘Biodegradable’ and ‘compostable’ are unregulated terms that some unscrupulous companies use to appear environmentally conscious but without certifications, these claims are merely a marketing ploy without any true accountability.

Certifications combat greenwashing by assisting customers in assessing whether products meet specific compostability requirements by verifying claims made. Independently verified compost certifications demonstrate a company’s commitment to transparency and sustainability. It affirms that a company’s claims are verified against stringent national standards. Where claims to environmental impact are backed up by regulated, robust standards, it can help consumers and business owners alike to shop (and sell) responsibly.

Compost Your Takeaway Packaging Reduce your carbon footprint with packaging made from plants, not oil

Compost Your Food Divert food waste from landfill and avoid creating methane

Reduce The Cost of Your General Waste Organics average 60% of the general waste

We all know that compostable packaging is better for the planet than its conventional plastic counterpart. But what if your council does not offer an organic waste collection service in your area? Enter the BioPak Compost Service, designed to close the loop on your packaging and food scraps.

More than just a cup recycling scheme, the BioPak Compost Service can divert up to 60% of your total waste from landfill, and collects compostable cups and lids, compostable packaging, food scraps and organic waste all in one bin — no separation required. With our compostable packaging solutions available in Australia and New Zealand, and our compost collection service being rolled out across both nations, it's never been easier to move your business towards zero waste. Change is in your hands.

Brisbane Cup Supplies have been recognised as Champions - What is a champion? Distributors are awarded Compost Champion status when they have a substantial certified compostable packaging range and actively champion composting as the best solution for foodservice Visit Compost Connect and find out more - search your postcode to find your nearest waste collector and packaging supplier  

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