Greenmark Heavy Duty Bamboo Cleaning Wipes - Multi Colour Carton (6 Rolls)

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Size: Carton of 6 (540 Wipes)

Our Smart Buy multi-coloured carton allows you to colour code your bamboo wipes making HACCP  (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) a breeze to navigate and streamline.

Our multi-coloured cartons consists of 6 rolls - That's 540 sheets of thick, antibacterial, machine washable, reuseable, renewable, Eco-friendly wipes per carton

Each wipe measures 300mmx500mm

2 x Blue Rolls (180 Wipes)

1 x Green (90 Wipes)

1 x Red (90 Wipes)

1 x Brown (90 Wipes)

1 x yellow (90 Wipes)

540 Wipes in total

💚 Home Compostable

💚 Machine Washable

💚 Reusable & made from Renewable Materials

How to Colour Code for HACCP  (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

* BLUE: General cleaning, coffee machine spouts, low risk areas
* GREEN: Kitchens, food preparation areas, food service areas
* RED: Toilets, bathrooms, washrooms, dirty utility rooms
* BROWN: meat storage, cold rooms, freezers
* YELLOW: Infectious areas, isolation areas