Cup Sleeve PET cups (fit PET16-98, 20-98, 24-98 and PETU10-95, 12-95, 16-95)

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  • PET Cup Sleeve. Fits PET16-98/PET20-98/PET24-98/PETU10-95/PETU12-95/PETU16-95
  • Made from recycled contents and 100% recyclable. Provides effective insulation and a superior grip.
  • Home & Industrial Compostable.

    This Cup Sleeve made from recycled material is not only environmentally friendly, but also provides excellent insulation and a secure grip. Designed to fit multiple cup sizes, including PET16/PET20/PET24 and PETU10/PETU12/PETU16, it's perfect for both home and industrial composting. 100% recyclable for added convenience.