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Your Autumn Menu Packaging Guide

Posted by brisbanecupsupplies on 17 May 2016
Your Autumn Menu Packaging Guide

As Autumn arrives, so too does an array of different menu options for Brisbane Diners.  Whether you favour food trucks, or fine dining Brisbane City  has so many options to cater for their hungry population.  Packaging your menu options is a key factor in any successful operation and Brisbane Cup Supplies always recommend sturdy, breathable environmentally sustainable packaging options over cheap, flimsy plastic and styrofoam every time!


The beauty of Bagasse over stryrofoam

Sugarcane is a tree-free renewable resource. Historically, bagasse waste has been burned in the fields, and thereby creating
    pollution. Now, bagasse is used to manufacturer eco friendly food service products replacing traditional paper,
    plastics and styrofoam products. Products manufactured from bagasse require less energy than plastics products. By adopting
    bagasse products, you indirectly help in reducing the pollution and energy consumption. Bagasse sugarcane plates, bowl,
    compartment trays, to go containers, clamshells are much better alternative for food service industry.


Some better options for your Autumn-Winter Menu

* Choose wooden and CPLa cuttlery over Plastic

* Choose Kraft trays and Sugarcane over plastic and Stryrofoam

* Choose 1 ply recyled napkins over larger coloured paper napkins

* Choose PLA line coffee cups over PP lined hot cups

You will find not only does environmentally responsible food packaging benefit your business on a socially concious level... it will also add

to your product by giving more insulation, a better looking result and retain the flavour of your hot food, without leaking dangerous plastics into your customers food.


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