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Gourmet Meals On Wheels - Food Trucks In The City

Posted by David Simmons on 27 June 2017
Gourmet Meals On Wheels - Food Trucks In The City

Food trucks are absolutely everywhere in Brisbane these days. You can't go to any public event without running into a technicolour truck serving some delicious comfort food for super affordable prices. More and more of us are choosing to buy from food trucks, and why not! The service is super-fast, it's incredibly convenient to grab and go, and they offer a culinary experience that many restaurants can't offer.

Here are eleven Brisbane food trucks that we love. From ice-cream to mac & cheese, burgers to delicious wings, these food trucks stand out from the crowd in terms of quality, price, and food.


I Should Coco

Got a sweet tooth but committed to eating ethically? I Should Coco is the ice cream vendor for you. I Should Coco have a unique take on the traditional soft serve by using coconuts to make their delicious ice cream creations.

The ice cream is plant based, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan; this is one sweet treat you will not be regretting later. If you're not big on ice cream cones you can grab your coconut soft serve in an eco-friendly cup. Absolutely no animals OR environments will be hurt with this purchase!


That Greek Truck

Have a craving for a juicy kebab? Of course, you do. Look no further than That Greek Truck! Boasting delicious Greek pita wraps, with options for meat lovers and vegetarians, That Greek Truck is one of our Brisbane favourites! If you aren't super keen on all that bread the team offer their kebabs in a sugarcane based bowl that is completely compostable and very friendly to the Earth.



Musa Nana

Looking for a cheap and delicious lunch break in the CBD? Check out Musa Nana. Run by an ex-banker who left the concrete jungle for her culinary passions, Musa Nana offer a huge range of healthy Asian inspired dishes that can be delivered to your office in the city in an eco-friendly takeaway container. A must try is their laksa that is piled to the brim with delicious Malaysian flavours.



Clinto's Kupmurri

The folks behind Clinto's Kupmurri are doing something different to every other food truck you'd see in Brisbane: native Australian foods. Husband and wife duo, Clinton and Lozen Shultz, run the food truck which sells bites influenced by traditional Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander cooking methods. If you've ever wanted to try crocodile frittatas with bush tomato or smoky slow-cooked pork or beef with vegetables and damper Clinto's Kupmurri are your best bet. Best of all, their packaging is eco-friendly! Good for the soul and the mind.



Catch and Kiss Seafood

Trundling around Brisbane in their beautiful baby blue vintage Citroen H Van called "Claudette", Catch and Kiss Seafood have quickly developed a reputation for some of the best fish you can get out the side of a truck.

Their fries have been dubbed the "best in the universe" and the crew highly recommend fish lovers to try their hand cut panko crusted calamari and Australian salt and pepper prawns.


Cheese Lane

The humble cheese toastie is basically impossible to improve, but the folks over at Cheese Lane have done just that.

From their bright yellow truck, Cheese Lane serve some truly mind-boggling creations piping hot in open Eco-Friendly food trays.

The crew use Australian cheese and condiments to create delicious gourmet toasted cheese sandwiches. For fans of super fancy food, you can get your toastie deconstructed with a side of haloumi and avocado!


Instanbul Eats


Founded by husband and wife duo Frank and Rose Aplak, Istanbul Eats is a love letter to the rich food and culture of Istanbul.

Their funky, rainbow truck serves passionate Turkish artisan street food, which can't be missed thanks to the loud retro music pumped from the truck.

The best part? Lucky customers can get a huge, fresh Halal Snack Pack straight from the side



King Of Wings


The guys at King of the Wings are passionate about their food, and it shows, as the team went to New York in 2016 for the world's biggest buffalo wing festival.

The premise of the truck is simple: American style wings done well. Wing lovers are spoilt for choice with 5 flavours up for grabs (of course including the classic Southern Style and American BBQ flavours).

Even vegetarians can have a feed with as the guys offer vegetarian spring rolls and potato spice samosas for just $5!


Mac From Way Back


Another food truck dedicated to another American delicacy: mac & cheese. Mac From Way Back proudly boasts that they are "Australia's one and only" mac & cheese truck, and whilst that might not be completely true they are definitely one of Australia's best.

This isn't your regular mac & cheese though the team at Mac Way Back turn their cheesy pasta creations into burgers! Bacon, beef, and a healthy serving of mac & cheese in a bun can't be beat.



Mi Casa


Los Angeles arrives in Australia in the form of Mi Casa a food truck selling American and Mexican delights.

The ever-changing menu at Mi Casa means every visit is a new food experience, but visitors are always guaranteed to enjoy a massive burger piled with bacon, mozzarella, and pulled pork.

The truck is hard to miss: look out for the Pulp Fiction inspired decoration. Make sure you pick up a Dr Pepper too- possibly the best soft drink to come from the US of A.


Ruby The Little Red Ice Cream Van


Let's face it: ice cream trucks were the original Australian food trucks. Before people started grilling burgers in trucks we were lining up to get a soft serve on a hot summer's day from a cheerful van. Ruby The Little Red Ice Cream Van is nostalgia in car form. The beautiful vintage UK ice cream van serves up old school ice cream treats, and the superwhipped soft serve ice cream is made freshly on board. This might just be the most authentic ice cream experience you'll have in your life!

Author: David Simmons Connect via: LinkedIn
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