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"[We were looking for ideas to bring us together professionally, a business that provided strong roles for each of us . A business with shared passion] " Shaun

The couple had decades of experience respectively in the food and beverage industry with past ventures and careers in commercial cooking, coffee machine sales and servicing, and running an inner city cafe.

{"We needed a new venture where we could both utilise our professional experiences and strengths, something to sink our teeth into, that would build a new foundation for our family and future."} Prudence

...... So the pair put their heads together.

After weeks of late night brainstorming, researching,  and collaboration, Brisbane Cup Supplies was born.

The company started out small in August 2011, retailing and delivering a modest 25 product items,  made up of mainly takeaway cups, carrier trays and stirrers. Some of our early customers will still remember!  deciding what to order was a lot easier back then!

Shaun and Prudence continued to juggle  their current roles, whilst growing their new business,  giving it every spare second they had.  Brisbane Cup Supplies had become their passion, and the pair worked enthusiastically during lunch breaks, week nights and weekends.  Ironically, life for the couple had  become even busier than before!

  However, the crazy juggling act would be short lived..... in 2015 the couple had realised their dream, and had reached their first major goal, they were both involved full time in the daily running of Brisbane cup supplies.

Today Brisbane Cup Supplies continues to grow and develop.   These days you will  find more than just take away coffee cups at the on-line store.    With a focus on Environmentally sustainable products, Brisbane Cup Supplies has earned their place as one of Brisbane's leading distributors of disposable food service packaging.  

With over 450 products to choose from,  It is without  doubt that our team's Industry experience, product knowledge,  and focus on sustainability, has been a major contributor to the growth and development of Brisbane Cup Supplies,  although undeniably  the main  ingredient to it's success has been through the ongoing support, and loyalty of our customer's .

So from all the Team
Thank you for reading our story, and being a major part of our success!
See you soon!
Brisbane Cup Supplies


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